Carol Mann

Carol is founder and partner of We Get Digital and Women On the Web. Any meetings for Contributors of WOW can be held with Carol or Zoe. Or if you have met Carol networking then you can have a one to one! Look forward to connecting.

Mike Sebbage

Mike is MD of We Get Digital and founder of Women On the Web. Mike keeps the engine of the Company ticking over and if you have met networking looks forward to getting to know you over a good cup of coffee!

Alex Mann

After travelling round the world for over a year Alex has now joined the family business. Alex would love to discuss any new business venture with you. He has a wealth of experience in 3D and animation and can add a whole new dimension to your website and business.

Zoe King

Zoe helps with our SEO Social Media management - and we couldn’t be without her! She is also our Women On the Web Contributor Manager and Co-ordinator. Any contributor interviews will be held with Zoe or Carol. So either of us will do :-)